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*****Would you like to join the Muliphen's Association?*****

  •  Here's all you need to do:

  • -------------------------------CLICK on Application (word doc)------------------------------

  •  Print out the application.

  •  When completing the application (please print).

  • Donation to the USS Muliphen are considered "Tax Deductible" under IRS code 501(c)19 because the USS Muliphen Association is a Non-Profit Veterans

    Organization.   Check should be made out to "The Muliphen Association".

  •  Mail the application and check to the address indicated on the Application


The Muliphen Reunion Association is open to both former Crew Members and Associate Members.  An Associate Member may be a Spouse or friend of the Ship or Shipmates.

Please complete one application for each member joining the Association.  (Note:  The "Reunion Guest" of dues paying member is always welcomed to join in the reunions and the are not required to become dues paying members of the Association, they must however pay all other related fees for the reunion. i.e. Tour, Dinner etc.)  "See you at the next reunion"

The "Plan of the Day" is a calendar of Muliphen events.  If you have a suggestion for the "P.O.D." then e-mail the Webmaster at