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This Message Board, named "Scuttlebutt" the Navy term for "rumor of local importance", is an open forum to post messages, contact shipmates, sell or trade items or post a joke.  But remember, foul language "ye old sailor language" and hateful messages will be deleted and poster ban from posting.  If you see an abuse of this message board please report it to the Webmaster ASAP.

[Here's how it works, Click on the Mule logo or "Mule Scuttlebutt Board" and it takes you to the posted messages.  If you'd like to read a message, then click on the message title.  Once you've read the message you can respond by adding your two cents or click on the top of the page where it says, "USS Muliphen's Message Board" and that will take you back to the main message board.  From there you can post a message or click on "USS Muliphen" to return to the websites Home Page.  Easy?]







     Don't make me send you to "Capt'ns mast".